Pretend to be a pony – it’s how brass players do it

170706 Harlands 1

A group from Uckfield Concert Brass dropped in on a local primary school this week and persuaded the pupils to pretend to be a tired pony.

It was part of the group’s demonstration of how to play a brass instrument – and it worked. Even a couple of teachers had a go at producing a sound.

The UCB players were taking part in music day at Harlands Primary School in Uckfield.

170706 Harlands 2

The group’s performance went down a storm, particularly Nick Morris’s demonstration of how to play a hose pipe and the trombone.

Emma Martyr, from the school, said:

“Thank you all so so much for coming in to play to the children today. You were all absolutely wonderful with them and they loved it.”

Thanks to Kelly and Lottie for helping us out.

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