UCB brings festive treat to Uckfield

Players from Uckfield Concert Brass took the sound of Christmas to local streets on Sunday evening.

UCB playing in Uckfield, 6 December 2020

Two groups from the band played carols and Christmas songs around the town.

The unannounced performances delighted residents who enjoyed the music from their doorsteps.

Some also took to social media to thank the band.

“Lovely Christmas music.”

“I was sleeping before night shift and thought I was dreaming when I heard the band lol”

“A lovely drive around to see the lights and a festive treat.”

“This was lovely. I was redecorating and wasn’t sure where I could hear this from. The window was open. Suddenly Christmas was here. Just what we needed. Thank you.”

A week later, players from the band entertained residents and staff at the Copper Beech Nursing Home and Thornbuy Care Home in Uckfield.

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