2021 award winners

Cornet player Adam Everest has won the UCB award for the most improved player of 2021.

Student Adam, who joined the band in 2019, received the cup from musical director, Nick Morris.

Fellow cornet player, Tracey Gray, won the prize for the experienced player “yet to go down the pan”. She follows a long list of worthy recipients, including Simon Kahn, Dave Pattenden, Steve Walkley, Dennis Martin, Ann Zeal-Bland, Rob Brown and Edwina Wooler.

The band’s AGM re-elected Paul Labus as chairman, Dave Pattenden treasurer and Edwina Wooler secretary.

Other members of the 2021-22 committee are: Karen Packer (librarian), Simon Kahn (property officer), Rob Brown (business manager), June Card (safeguarding officer), Richard Sherlock and Ruth Hayhurst.

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