Remembering Mick Crook

Mick was sadly & unexpectedly taken from us on Thursday. For those who didn’t know him, Mick was our Principal Baritone although I’m sure he would agree with us, his real musical talents were much wider than the world of brass bands. I know he loved this picture which was taken one evening (or early morning!) in Chef Boutonne,France during a band trip.

My personal last memory was of a humerous conversation in the Alma Arms, Uckfield concerning hibernating bears – amazing what a pint of Harveys can do!

Our thoughts now are with his 3 children Alex, Daniel and Maisie who meant the world to him.
It’s hard to express how sad we all are – I have left comments open for his friends to share their thoughts.

Mick was a special man – we shall miss him.


Friend and Guitar Legend

Most of what I want to say has already been said – Mick was one of the nicest guys you could want to meet and our lives have been the richer for knowing him. I shall miss the opportunity to use his guitar skills – we had an idea to augment a brass band with a rhythm section. Maybe we will do that one day in Mick’s honour.

Today, we say goodbye until we all meet again at that “great gig in the sky” – it will be a send of Mick will love.


Mick Crook

It is often said of players in brass bands that no-one is indispensable – and there is plenty of evidence to support that view. However, some people are irreplaceable – and Mick Crook was certainly one of those. A real gentleman and a great character – always a pleasure to be in his company. Will be sadly missed, but always remembered – for all the right reasons. RIP Mick.

Steve Walkley

A one off

Mick was truly a one off and entering into a conversation with him was like going on a mystery tour as you could never be sure where you would end up which was part of the pleasure of being in his company. The fact that we have all been so deeply affected by his loss speaks volumes for the man that he was the huge gap he will leave in the band and in the lives of all of us who were privileged enough to call him a friend.
Mick you will be missed so much.



I will always have happy & fond memories of Mick, he always had a fun & layed-back approach to life, a man devoted to his 3 kids..Alex, Dan & Maisie who we also got to know well over the 5 or so years he was in the band – my heart goes out to them & the family.
It will take some time to get used to the fact that we’re not going to see him (and his cheeky smile & banter!) across the bandroom & in the pub afterwards.
One lasting memory I’ll always have is in France – Ambling through the caravan park in the early hours with Mick & Daniel singing & strumming “Play that Funky Music” on their guitars, What fun we had!!
Rest in peace mate.


Lovely man

I can only repeat what others have said.
Amongst our little team of Uckfield Concert Brass, Mick had an individual voice with always something challenging, amusing, quirky, occasionally passionate to say.
Not perhaps the traditional bandsman in many respects he always came with a smile on his face and a desire to play his part well.
He leaves a big gap in our band and far more importantly in all our lives.
On a personal note I will always remember catching Mick’s mischievous eye over the music stand as he wrestled with some complex piece of music, too engaged to give up but smiling as he did battle – inevitably sharing a knowing and cheeky glance.
Apparently we are all unique but Mick had a special uniqueness that was a real privilege to encounter.


Mick Crook

Mick was a very chilled & laid back Guy with a huge smile ,I remember Mick coming into the bandroom to join saying I’m a trombone player but am willing to give anything a try.
Mick was a talented guy, he set up a small funk type band in his village which included both his sons ,he said to me fancy coming to play some horn (trumpet) with us, I get there Mick is standing there behind a keyboard ,with a guitar slung round his neck & a trombone at his side, & yes he was swapping between all 3 even playing 2 at the same time .
Mick had some different & interesting views on how the brass band movement should be brought into the ‘modern era’ which made some interesting discussions in the pub after rehearsals.

Mick will be sadly missed as a friend & musician & our thoughts are with the family.
Get them rocking up there Mick



Why do the good ones go too soon? Mick was one of the most chilled & laid back people you would ever come across. good company & a pleasure to be around. I can’t believe that we
are not going to share a smile across the band room ever again. Gonna miss your
smiling face so much Mick. My thoughts are with you, Daniel, Alex & Maisie.
Rest in peace my friend.

Tracey xx

Sad loss of a great man

I remember taking this photograph in Chef Boutonne, France last year. When i showed Mick he loved it. I heard he came late into brass band playing but made a great impression on all of us. He was so enthusiastic with everything he did. He was so proud of his children as well.

He has left a big whole in the band as a player and with his personality.
Mick was a special man. We all shall miss him terribly. A great man taken from us too early.

Regards Karen xx